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webkare - school fest ?

posted on 04 Nov 2009 22:20 by herosmile in OtakuMode

Had not played with web-kare for a while again so love percentage become low T_T

A while ago used to play with sensei and Kaoru kun and found out new event with cute dress, Yukata & waiter, today click Shun kun and still be the event at school fest. or something. If I look up new vocab. from dictionary seriously I will learn a lot of new words but too lazy :P


Kaoru kun

Shun kun

And they wear new clothes in Authum kawaii~ (how long have they changed new clothes ?)


By the way, I just finished KHR book 23 ooh.. so cool and so funny Tsuna kun , Hibari kun >_< for Naruto... don't tell Sasuke that I haven't read it about 20s episode :P aarrgh~~~ for Bleach haven't read since book 35 but got all till book 40 already ahahaha.

p.s กรุงเทพหนาว(มาก) โอวว ก็ดีนะ